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Fire Extinguisher

Charged, fully equipped (valve, pressure gauge, hose, wall bracket), with "CE" marking, EN3

(Outside diameter): f85mm
(Volume): 1.25
(Cylinder length): 270 mm
(Weight of the cylinder): 0.7 kg.
(Weight of the fire extinguisher): 2.2 kg.
(Contents of the powder in the extinguisher): 1kg
(Temperature range): -30C +60C
(Maximum working pressure): 18bar
(Test Pressure): 27bar
(Working gas): Nitrogen
(Minimum thickness of the cylinder): 1.0 mm
(Material): St12/DC01
(Fire class): 5A 34B C

(Package size): 10X10X37cm

Warning Triangle

According to ECE-27R norms. Our Warning Triangle certificated from Holland TUV RDW notified body. 

Warning triangle has both night and day reflective feature and its legs have a special locking system. It is strong against wind the speed of 60km/h.

First Aid Kit (DIN)

According to Europe DIN 13164 Standarts

First aid kit sterile contents are produced in the "clean room" (according to TS EN ISO 13485 regulations). All Products has CE mark and multilingual descriptions on the packaging as well.


  1. First Aid Kit Bag
  2. First Aid Blanket
  3. Triangular Bandage
  4. Sterile Wound Compress
  5. Adhesive Tape
  6. Conforming Bandages
  7. Elastic Bandages
  8. Adhesive Plaster Set
  9. Scissor
  10. Safety Pin Set
  11. Air Ventilation
  12. Disposable Gloves
  13. A solution for the disinfection of wounds

High Visibility Vest

......... to ensure you stay safe in the dark and comply with EU law. The High Visibility Vest complies with all current EU regulations and is tested to the EU standard. Our reflective strip is EN471 approved. Both fluorescent and reflective making it effective in the day, in poor visibility and at night and that keeps yourself and passengers safe and seen at all times.

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